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Cinematic Alt-Rock for fans of Murder By Death, My Chemical Romance, and Gogol Bordello with a Tarantino twist.

Cinematic is the word most often used to describe

Coyote Kid. With imposing and wild jungle drums, soaring brass horns, growling bass, and shimmering spaghetti western guitars, all blanketed under a sinister vintage organ. This band has all of the tools it needs to paint an epic picture, "We set out to create something hard to define, but easy understand. We strive to bring the in depth experience of the cinema and literature to the modern music scene, with large scale story albums, and an ever expanding lore behind the music."

Since debuting their full length story albums "Thaumatrope" in 2015, and "Bone Crown"

in 2017, the band has gained considerable notoriety in the Midwest and beyond, as they continue to grow their exceptionally loyal fanbase across the country.

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